10 Bollywood Stars Who Did Odd Jobs Before Becoming Popular


Check out these 10 Bollywood Celebrities Who Did Odd Jobs Before they become big stars in Bollywood.

1Rajinikanth as Bus conductor

After completing his school education, Rajinikanth various jobs in the cities of Bangalore and Madras, including by a laborer and carpenter, and finally he ended up in Bangalore Transport Service (BTS) hired as a bus driver. He began participating in plays after Topi Muniappa Kannada dramatist offered him the opportunity to perform in one of his mythological dramas. During the time came to an indication issued by the newly formed Madras Film Institute, courses of action. Although his family did not fully support his decision to his friend and collaborator Raj Bahadur was to join the Institute, motivated him to join the Institute and financially supported him at this stage. During his stay at the Institute, she was performing in a play, and was observed by the Tamil film director K. Balachander. The director advised him to learn to speak Tamil, a recommendation that Rajinikanth quickly followed.

Source: Rajinikanth