12 Pictures That Clearly Differentiate the Startup Vs MNC


Are working in a corporate world? The next question that usually follows whether working for a startup or a multinational?

Opposites nature of both cultures is something to tell the world. The people at startups can hang around in offices and work for 18 hours in their comfy pyjamas, the MNC guys will always follow their 9 to 5 routine


Check out below 5 differences between Startup and MNC

1There is no formal dress code at Startups

2Everyone is boss in Startup companies

3People love going comfortable at Startups

4Everyone is passionate at startups

5Dress code does not matter at Startups

6People work hard and party harder at Startups

7Casual wear at Startups

8Time really doesn’t matter at Startups

9Startup is like working with friends

10People love casual at Startups

11Marks and Degree do not matter

12Informal interaction at Startup which is called formal meetings at MNC