20 One line stories that will remain on your mind, forever


There are some one line stories that leave you speechless. Some words that you fall in a trap of. Let’s see some amazing two liners that will only get you thinking.

20The fool didn’t know it was impossible so he did it

19“Wrong number”, said a familiar voice

18The hungry inncocent didn’t even get the bread, but the picture was sold in millions in which that boy was sad

17He started at it, as it slowly burned his fingers, but that was offer it had burnt his marriage, his future and his lungs.

16One more time we are strangers, but this time with memories.

15Those who had coins, enjoyed in the rain, those who had notes were busy looking for shelter.

14Her coffee was getting cold as she waited for him to miss her, while his cigarettes were running one after another trying to forget her.

13He asked “Are you a Hindi or a Muslim?” The reply, “I am hungry, Sir.”

12Man and God met somewhere Both exclaimed, “My creator!”

1120 years of his life, he kept worrying about how much taller he was than all the boys, and it took him 2 months to fall in love with a girl in a wheelchair

10“Why don’t you trust me?”, she typed and sent both guys.

9I traveled around the world for a year and only felt lost once I arrived home

8What if after you die, God asks you, “So how was heaven?”

7“Happy Independence Day!” he greeted the poor child who was selling flags at the traffic signal, and then handed her a coin, taking care not to touch her.

6“People are always going to stare, making it worth for a while.”, said the actress. Somewhere in the crowd, an acid attack victim was inspired.

5“Why can’t we get married when we both love eath other, it is our decision right?” asked Rejsh in desperation. “No its not, the court and they society will decide” said Manish in disappointment.

4The kids laughed at the ignorant boy for wishing his mom, “Happy Father’s Day!”. Tears rolled down her cheeks as the single mother hugged her son

3Heart thumping wildly against his chest. he waited in silence, too scared to breathe. With a sudden smile on his impassive face, the interviewer said, “You’re hired.”

2More often than not, I wish that I were dead; but then I get scared thinking, “what if you’re waiting on the other side?”

1My wedding cost $6700 and my divorce cost $16425, both were worth it