Adnan Sami ‘moos’ away Pakistani trolls with his blunt tweet on beef ban

adnan sami

The controversy around beef ban has given Pakistani trolls another reason to nit-pick at Adnan Sami.

Adnan Sami gives a hard-hitting answer to his trolls!

Vocalist author Adnan Sami, who has been allowed Indian citizenship, has regularly been focused on Twitter by Pakistani trolls. The 43-year-old has, notwithstanding, constantly proclaimed his pride and high respect in being an Indian. Thus he has had a persistent shower of brickbats via web-based networking media stages from over the outskirt. The discussion around hamburger boycott has given them another motivation to nit-pick at the vocalist. Be that as it may, Sami wasn’t annoyed one piece. Truth be told, he went ahead to close all the terrible Twitter trolls with his smart witticisms.

Voicing his musings, he stated, “Dear Pak Trolls, U continue inquiring as to whether I miss Beef. I don’t miss Beef. I have Freedom. It’s an opportunity thing-U wudn’t get it! Genuinely, Moo!” And before they could recoup from the consume, he sent another fireball with his words. “Alright how about we be straight. Absence of Beef in India is the same as absence of Alchohol in Pak. Cheers Janaab!” Check out his tweets here.

With his pun, he made his point clear. As soon as he posted it, a lot of people came to his support but many other Pakistani citizens got offended and started bashing him again. A lot of his fans from Pakistan also spoke up and asked him not to make fun of their country. But, Sami convinced everyone with his sweet replies.

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