Ajit Doval Reveals : Why did British Leave India Suddenly Even After They Won Second World War??


National Security Advisors (NSA) Ajit Doval Reveals why did British Leave India all of sudden Even After They Won Second World War??

National Security Advisors (NSA) Ajit Doval of India is in the title, especially since recent surgical strokes in India in PoK. Now the mean man began to believe in Doval, which is often referred to as the reaction from India to James Bond by several newspapers.

People are looking with a hope glimmer to the extent that Doval is concerned with dealing with Pakistan. To learn more about their hero, they also see his old speeches on YouTube, read books on them and are also called his comments at various events. In conversation in 2014 exposed to the Congress Party and its interpretation Nehruvian history.

In this speech, he showed how the British were forced to leave India because of Subhas Chandra Bose and the threat of INA.

NSA of India highlighted the fact that Mahatma Gandhi he played a role in the country’s liberation, but the Congress Party Quit India movement has not put pressure on the British. It was a total flop.

The very intelligent officer also delivered a shock through the exchange of information that in 1956, British Prime Minister Clement Attlee himself had agreed that Subhas Chandra Bose played a key role in triggering the feeling of nationalism and rebellion among the soldiers The British Indian Army. More and more people began to join the INA. In addition, the way the National Indian Army (INA) was willing to fight the British was a signal that they will not hold India much more able.

According to the NSA, Clement Attlee emphasized the role of Bose in the liberation struggle before the Supreme Judge of High Court Calcutta, Justice Phani Bhusan Chakravartti.

The army of badly supported by Bose in the formation of independent India. But, Congress played its dirty tricks to ensure that the INA and its leader Subhas Chandra Bose does not get any credit for their victims.

“More than 60,000 of the INA soldiers sacrificed their lives during the liberation struggle.For independence, the INA soldiers had not even had the opportunity to integrate with the Indian Army.Some of them were held in prison even after independence (which during Of British rule). “- said Masterströmge of India during his speech.

Ajit Doval has been exhibited several times in Congress but the party can not mark it as RSS or BJP funds because he served the government of India for several years under the rule of Congress as well.

This ancient speech clearly ruled out how historians selected and encouraged by power lusty congress of the country’s history ruined and replaced with chapters that propagate and glorify the Communist ideology Nehruvian. Read the history books for students and see for yourself. Most of them focus on the achievements of the Gandhi-Nehru family.