Breaking News: Manveer Gurjar wins Bigg Boss 10


Breaking News: Manveer Gurjar wins Bigg Boss 10. The glowing supporters of Bigg Boss and Manveer Gurjar, it is time to win the Bigg Boss to celebrate the 10 winners Manveer Gurjar.

Yes guy that’s true! Our Desi Fighter Manveer Gurjar finally the color TV reality show Bigg Boss has won 10 finals. Manveer defeated Bani J with some votes. As we told you that the petition Come between Manveer Gurjar and J. Bani will be.

We are sure that Mona Lisa Antra, Manu Punjabi, Navin Prakash, Lokesh Sharma, Nitibha Kaul must be very happy because they wanted to support and Manveer won the show.

Manveer Gurjar just won the show, but also the hearts of won ‘Janta’, he made him the final winner of Bigg Boss. Manveers travel on the show was fantastic. He always did well in the task and stood for his friends. Manveer was also attracted to Nitibha Kaul and later in the show, the two had a fairly close friendship.
Manveer will disappear with Bigg Boss 10 Trophy and also receives the prize of 40lacs. We are sure that all his Gurjar community has planned a great reception for him.

Congratulations Manver Gurjar! You deserved it!