BREAKING NEWS ! Massive explosive audio tapes reveals Shashi Tharoor’s involved in Sunanda Pushkar Murder!


In a huge and shocking revelation, the new channel of Arnab Goswami has released a audio tape that shows that Shashi Tharoor was involved in the murder of his ex-wife Sunanda Pushkar.

Sunanda Pushkar was killed in mysterious circumstances on January 17, 2014 she was found dead in room number 345 of the Leela Palace in Chanakyapuri, New Delhi after an argument and a fight between Twitter and a Pakistani journalist Mehar Tarar. Sunanda Pushkar just one day before his death, a statement to the media, in which there is a large corruption involved in the IPL fraud. Ms. Pushkar also showed that Shashi Tharoor had relationships with Mehar Tarar and was accused of being an ISI agent who was involved in a massive fraud in India.

It is said that the exhibition has not only led Shashi Tharoor, but also the most powerful person of the Congress party. Shashi Tharoor Sunanda Pushkar wanted to stop talking to the media.

In the early morning hours of January 17, 2014, Sunanda Pushkar 3-4 news a few journalists had told her desire to speak immediately and asked her to come at 4:10 am to Leela Palace. But only a few hours after his message, she was dead in the room 345. First, it was said that she committed suicide of depression. Shashi Tharoo himself said it was medications for depression and overdose may have caused his death.

But later the post mortem report showed that she died under unusual circumstances and found injury traces on his body. It was also shown that she had received poison.

But now Arnab Goswami showed the bands, in which he showed that Shashi Tharoor Sunanda pushkar to go to the media go. It also shows that Sunanda Pushkar was actually killed in room number 307 and not 345, but moved by someone in room 345.

Audio files also show shocking information that Shashi Tharoor was back in the hotel room between day and knew that Sunanda Pushkar was dead, but silent. (For the record, Shashi Tharoor left the room to visit at 7am the AICC meeting on the day Sunanda Pushkar died.) He claimed that he came back at night 20.30 that Sunanda Pushkar was found dead in room 345).

Listen carefully to all the audio tapes, so the whole story is unveiled by the Republic!