WATCH: Bride and groom fight during ‘Jaimala’ Indian wedding gone wrong!


A hilarious video of an Indian wedding shows the bride and groom fights in ‘jaimala’ (garland) now killing the Internet.

According to reports, the bride and groom were invited to lead them, but they first lead the two have a hilarious fight. The Indians believe that among the married, anyone who sets the “jaimala” first dominate the other for the rest of their lives. “Jaimala”, which occupies an important place in the traditional Indian wedding rituals, often fun and the people love it.

However, the bride and groom took in this video showed the fun a bit too far and lasted almost a fight, which inevitably became a full animator to the public there. Although the video was written on YouTube with a caption, ‘Girdharipur Ki Shaadi’ the authenticity of the video can not be confirmed.