‘Despacito’ Is The First Video To Reach 4 Billion Views On YouTube


“Despacito” by Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee superimposes all the other videos on the planet.

The Latin Mega hit has just raised the 4 billion views on YouTube, a new reference on the huge streaming platform.

“Despacito” means “slow” in English, but its sales and streaming performance was anything but. The video, recorded in Spanish and without the additional lines of Justin Bieber, was released on January 12th and ran as the most watched video on YouTube and won the 2015 hit of See You Again by Wiz Khalifa with Charlie Puth (currently 3.15 Billion views) and the former poet of Psy “Gangnam Style” of 2012 (with 2.97 views).

“Thanks for the support of the family, thanks to Puerto Rico,” Fonsi tomeled with news about the big step.

Since its release, “Despacito” has destroyed a long list of records, including a record lasting more than two decades. Initially, “Despacito” established the Vevo recordings for most views of a Spanish-language video in 24 hours with 5.4 million hits, as well as for the fastest video with 200 million hits, 2 billion views and 3 billion views. The route also reached 4.6 billion in just six months, a record according to the US half-year report by Nielsen Music.