A Gentleman trailer: Sidharth Malhotra is kickass, Jacqueline Fernandez is spice and Suniel Shetty is surprise.

A Gentleman trailer: Jacqueline Fernandez and Sidharth Malhotra light up the screen with their presence.

A Gentleman trailer: Sidharth Malhotra is winning heart as susheel, sundar and dangerous avatar. While you cannot miss his action on roads and on the bed with sexy Jacqueline Fernandez, Suniel Shetty adds the required surprise the viewer needed. The actor makes a comeback as a villain, and is equally drool worthy.

Is Sidharth Malhotra a ‘sunder, susheel’ yet dangerous? Well, he is dangerous for all the girls who will drool over his looks and action sequences in the trailer of his new film A Gentleman, which was released by the makers today. The trailer is an entertaining blend of all the ingredients a film needs to be called hit. And serving as the cherry on this cake is Suniel Shetty. The 55-year-old actor redefines that age is just a number, and we better don’t remind you his age henceforth. Suniel is equally appealing, has grown strong and looks HOT. Yes, he does!

Recently at an event, Suniel Shetty spoke about his role to indianexpress.com. He said, “My role in this film is just like an extended cameo. But it is important.” We will have to agree, that his appearance is one of the main reasons for the film to become one of the much awaited project this year.

A Gentleman is a story of a man in disguise of a plain-simple boring tech guy, played by Sidharth. He has everything in life but not a girl. And the need is eventually fulfilled after the hot and happening Jacqueline enters. While we have seen Jacky do her cute girl-next-door kind of roles, but in this one, Sidharth is surprising us. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that he is extremely convincing in the trailer as he narrates the two different sides to him.

At first we meet a ‘susheel’ Sidharth who is interested in Jacqueline Fernandez but of course, she wants some spice in her life. Soon, we are introduced to the ‘risky’ Sidharth who is all about pumped up muscles, great action and some swearing too. CBFC alert!