H4 EAD and OPT EAD with Final chance to file H1B


A difficult time for candidates working on H4 EAD and OPT EAD, with the last chance to submit H1 B to immigration situations and the ongoing lottery process.

These candidates face a stressful situation every year and even try to work with many companies so that their chances in the lottery are better.

In this process, they go through several painful situations in which they do not know how to submit their H1B requests and do not properly support the RFE.

The lack of planning, orientation and the search for last-minute opportunities makes these candidates more stressed and drives them to make abrupt decisions that cause great damage to their careers.

It has become so difficult for these candidates to get the right advice when choosing their options. There are thousands of applicants who have even more difficulty completing non-accredited colleges and not getting their extra time.

They find it very difficult to repay their student loans and enroll in colleges to continue their status and continue to work. It’s not just spending money, but spending a lot of time and traveling.

H4 EADs face a different situation here, after a long wait for work layoffs and being able to find a job, now they are in danger of getting their status to keep jobs. They are losing not only their income, but also their independence and passion for work.

These candidates need to be well-informed to find out about the current immigration scenarios, to keep their jobs and to obtain a work permit for H1 B in the new CAP quota.