Highlights of PM Modi’s Independence Day speech

India's Independence Day

PM Modi: Before our freedom, ‘Bharat chhodo (Quit India) was the slogan. Today, the slogan should be ‘Bharat Jodo’ (Bring India together)

PM Modi: I want to mention those women who have to suffer due to ‘Tripe Talaq’- I admire their courage. We are with them in their struggles

PM Modi: We are nurturing our youngsters to be job creators and not job seekers

PM Modi: We will continue our fight against black money, corruption and use technology to bring in more transparency.

PM Modi on the Kashmir situation: Neither gaali (abuse), nor goli (bullet) will bring a change. The change will take place when we embrace every Kashmiri.

PM Modi: There is no question of being soft on terrorism or terrorists.

PM Modi: India’s stature in the world is rising. The world is with us in fighting the menace of terror. I thank all nations helping us doing so.

PM Modi: GST has shown the spirit of cooperative federalism. The nation has come together to support GST & the role of technology has also helped.

PM Modi: Those who have looted the nation and looted the poor are not able to sleep peacefully today.

PM Modi: We have to leave this ‘Chalta Hai’ attitude. We have to think of ‘Badal Sakta Hai’- this attitude will help us as a nation.

PM Modi: In our nation, no one is big or small…everybody is equal. Together we can bring a positive change in the nation.

PM Modi: 1st January 2018 will not be an ordinary day- those born in this century will start turning 18. They are Bhagya Vidhatas of our nation.

PM Modi on the Quit India movement: Our country showcased a collective power between 1942 to 1947, let us show the same power and commitment over the next 5 years.

PM Modi: We have to take the country ahead with the determination of creating a ‘New India’ .

PM Modi: 2017 is a special year – this year we are celebrating the 75th anniversary of Quit India, 100th anniversary of Champaran Satyagraha and 125th anniversary of Ganesh Utsav.

PM Modi: People of India stand shoulder to shoulder with those affected due to natural disasters and the tragedy in Gorakhpur.

PM Modi: We remember the great women and men who worked hard for India’s freedom.

PM Modi: From Sudarshan Chakradhari Mohan to Charkhadhari Mohan, today we are celebrating both our cultural and historical heritage.