Hrithik Roshan and his sons were at Istanbul airport hours before attack


Bollywood star Hrithik Roshan (pic) was blocked at Ataturk Airport in Istanbul, hours before the terrorist attack that killed at least 36 people reported the Press Trust of India.

The star of 42 years, “Bang Bang”, which with son Hrehaan and Hridhaan is on vacation in Africa, was on his way back to India when he missed his connecting flight to Istanbul.

“Missed flight from Istanbul were stranded aircraft from the airport was the next day, but economic and stole earlier. # Prayers4istanbul,” tweeted Hrithik.

The actor thanked the airport staff for their support and also asked his fans in the fight against terrorism, to meet.

“If before the friendliest staff in Istanbul airport lessons helped. Shocking news. Innocents killed for religion. We must stand united against terrorism,” he added.

Three suspected Islamic State group suicide bomber targeted the international terminal of Istanbul Ataturk Airport, killing at least 36 people and injured many others. – Bernama