How Important Was Sugrical Strike For India?


surgicalA patriotic roar ran through the land, when the news of India yesterday broke surgical strikes carrying out. A joint press conference was supported by the Ministry of Defence and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, where DGMO Lt General Ranbir Singh was performed on these strikes.

A key factor in the performance of these strikes is the reliability of the external intelligence with intelligence agencies or RAW.

The DGMO does not share all the details of how the operation was carried out in terms of the type of confidentiality. However, the contour of the LDC suggests a high possibility of a drop of air through a bulk operation follows.

Precision bombing is also another way to make this strike. However, this tactic is not desirable if the goal is sparsely populated. If the population is dense, prefer authorities precision bombing so that fewer losses are added at the end.

Looking at the situation of the borders and repeated ceasefire violations by Pakistan, a surgical strike is the best tactic and is used correctly by the authorities. Here’s a video explanation of these tactics.