VIDEO: Indian spoof of ‘Fast and Furious’ is going viral


Check out video of Indian spoof of ‘Fast and Furious’ is going viral

We were thrilled by the nerve kitzel of “Fast and Furious” and pledge our hearts to the great Hollywood franchise. And before our Bollywood Divas part of Hollywood movies like Baywatch and xXx we have always striven for a similar action movie in India. Of course with Deepika Padukone and Priyanka Chopra, the adrenaline is a little more.
But have you ever imagined which cars and what obstacles would drive diesel rock and wine, would they oppose if they were driving on Indian roads? Well, if you do not have this parody video has been tested by the Jordindian. To be disabled by the Corridas and visharjan in the race for the car rickshaws and, of course, the Indian National Auto Maruti 800 is just great!