Kenya Governor calls alcohol ‘throat sanitiser’ and adds it to Covid-19 relief packs


Mike Sonko, the governor of the Kenyan capital city Nairobi, has come under the scanner on social media after he has revealed that the government will provide Hennessy cognac bottles in the coronavirus relief packs. He confirmed to media on Tuesday that the COVID-19 relief care packages which will be distributed to the people will have a few small alcohol bottles, according to a report in CNN. He justified adding alcohol bottles to the care packages by calling them ‘throat sanitiser’.

In a video that has gone viral on the internet, Mike Sonko is seen saying, “I think from the research conducted by the World Health Organization (WHO) and various organizations, it has been believed that alcohol plays a major role in killing the coronavirus.”

However, WHO has clearly stated that alcohol doesn’t help in eradicating the novel coronavirus and has even recommended that people should reduce the consumption of alcohol. According to WHO, alcohol can hamper the immune system which can make a person more susceptible to the infection.

India Tv - Kenya Governor calls alcohol 'throat sanitiser', defends himself for adding it to Covid-19 relief pa
Image Source : Twitter
As soon as Mike Sonko’s video went viral, Twitterati was amazed by his decision and sparked reactions. One Twitter user said, “Creative politician award to Mike Sonko governor of #Nairobi, #Kenya He distributed #COVID19 care packages included food, other needs & cognac, #Hennessy. Sonko suggested  the #WHO suggested alcohol helps kill #Coronavirus, the Hennessy would serve as a “Throat Sanitizer.” Another said, “Everyone is hating on the governor of #Kenya for giving out bottles of Henny in Rona relief packages but come on, I want my government to be this cool…@MikeSonko hook it up!!!!” Check out more tweets here-

Well for many, Mike Sonko is turning out to be the coolest governor out there for distributing alcohol to the public.