Neither experts nor locals have been able to identify the Mysterious 50-foot Sea Creature now lying near Hulung Beach in Indonesia.

On May 10, the inhabitants of Hulung Beach in Indonesia found a huge carcass flooded. According to, the stranded carcass was first seen by Asrul Tuanakota, a local inhabitant of the village. The unusual discovery, especially since the creature began to turn the water around him in red, attracted many residents and scholars in the region.

When Asrul Tuanakota stumbled upon the huge neck near Hulung Beach on Indonesia Tuesday evening, he thought it was a stranded boat. Soon, however, he realized that he had found a mysterious sea creature dead on the shore.

The rotten drop, the red surrounding water turned as it decays, measures only a height of 50 meters and weighs 35 tons to the weight of four elephants.

Some residents, in addition to the first report of the Globe Jakarta, have identified the mysterious creature as a giant squid. However, Marcus Chua, the Natural History Museum of Lee Kong Chian Singapore, told Mashable that there were no records of giant calf in the waters of Indonesia.

Chua suggests that the creature can be a whalebone group, can be a bump leg. He added, however, that “in the advanced stage of decomposition, it is not possible to determine whether it is a humpback whale or not.”

In an attempt to solve this riddle, surveyors had to take samples from the creature Thursday. Meanwhile, the local military commander is monitoring the carcasses.

However, residents asked the authorities of the carcass to dispose of as little as possible as soon as possible water. But in view of the enormous size of the creature and the continued decay, the damage can already happen.