“Padmavati” Deepika is Bollywood’s most expensive heroine, know how much a movie is charging!

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You might be amazed to realize that alongside the film ‘Padmavati’, Bollywood performing artist Deepika Padukone has expanded his expenses. The news is that he will now get Rs 12 crore for a film.

As of late, as per media reports, a major star left the hands of Deepika. Since he had requested a lot of cash for the film. Fundamentally, for Ram-Leela, Deepika had Rs 10 crore and for Rs 7 crore for Bajirao Mastani. We should disclose to you that he has now turned into the principal Bollywood legend whose expenses are above Rs 10 crore.

downloadDeepika Padukone’s compensation is set to give makers a hiccup. Be that as it may, she isn’t backpedaling on her expenses now. The 30-year-old has every one of the motivations to grin this New Year. Following a fruitful 2015, we hear Deepika has climbed her compensation bundle by 2 crores. Yes, she is presently gladly requesting a whooping 15 crores for marking new activities. This has likewise made her the most generously compensated performing artist in Bollywood. Obviously she merits each penny of it. Wouldn’t you say she shone in Piku, Tamasha and Bajirao Mastani? While Bollywood’s Mastani is moving her way to the banks, she has surpassed Kangana Ranaut, who already remained the most generously compensated on-screen character, with 12 crores.

imagesAll heads turned on the central issue of the amount Bollywood on-screen characters get paid as far back as Kangana turned out emphatically against the dissimilarity in the paychecks contrasted with their male partners in the business a year ago. While the civil argument pushed their pay rates up by a few crores, the distinction still remains very evident. Kangana, in her post Queen stage, turned into the most generously compensated performing artist in the wake of marking a film for 11 crores a year ago. What’s more, now, Deepika has assumed control. She is said to be charging the same for supports as well. This bit of news turned out a day after she turned 30. A significant birthday present! After all Deepika won the hearts of both her commentators and the gathering of people in 2015. Be that as it may, while we praise the performing artist for her work, have you contemplated the figure Salman Khan, the most generously compensated on-screen character in Bollywood, orders? It’s four times – Rs 60 crores!

“Compensation has changed however in the event that you contrast it and what the men get it is still altogether different. In any case, I would state we should not think about it in light of the fact that only five for every penny of these movies are being made. I think we will get our due. We are gradually moving towards that.” – Vidya Balan