Raksha Bandhan 2016: Why cannot sisters get gifts for their brothers on Raksha Bandhan?


Raksha Bandhan 2016: Check out this video. No offense, video is made in good humor. Rakshabandhan most adorable and blessed bond is of a bond between brother and sister.

This time of year is here when siblings argue and tease each other a long time now the inseparable they celebrate. No matter what problem you have, you know your siblings always have your back. always save his brother ass sisters of parents and a brother, he is the boss ever they think of his sister safe everywhere.

Sisters to tie a band, “Rakhi ‘on the brother’s hand has long been a custom and is always followed religiously in Indians all over the world. Sisters in gifts back and brother vows to keep protected his sister, if necessary, he landed in trouble. However, a dopant, Youtube channel Indian thing going, people have decided to ask that if the roles between brother and sister are reversed, what will be the situation at the time. what ‘ is what happens if the brother sister receives gifts. Why is it that only brothers to bring the gift for his sister?

Watch the video here: