Salman Khan, flopped for the first time on Eid, made 116 million in just 10 days


Used bumpers traded on Salman Khan’s films flopped on Eid but with Tutlait it happened. In ten days, Salman’s movie has done business of 116 million.


tubelightThe movie was rejected by the audience. It was Salman’s films usually blockbuster but the film went a week later took several theaters. Multi Plekses film for Business bad, while fans in smaller towns and single theater watching Salman’s film. It is said that the film’s life time collection will be reduced to 130 crore.

Many Remours that ‘Tuliplight’ floped, Salman and Kabir Khan got involved in the fight!

Salman Khan is very disappointed with the affirmation of Film TubeLight. He thought that this film would also be blockbuster like Bajrangi Bhaijaan. Like Bajrangi Bhaijaan, Salman’s film also had a message of love and brotherhood … but the tube lights were very boring. Salman is so scared of this that his film director Kabir Khan has also become the fight.

However, before the tube lights, Salman Khan and Kabir Khan had a hit like Tiger and Bajrangi Bhaijaan. But this time Salman and Kabir did not get the stakes on the Eid, their tube lights were dashed at the box office. Blame game has started between Salman and Kabir after Bad Bad Performance of the movie … It is said that Salman Khan did not want to do this film .

Kabir had another script for Salman but there was a lot of physical work inside him. This was the reason that Salman played a bets on tube lights, depending on Kabir.Kabir had such an over-dose of innocence inside the film that Salman and Salman did not even land their fame under his neck. When Salman Khan saw this film before release, he had told Kabir that it has become much more .

That is, Salman was guessed at the same time that his tube-light could be divided at the box office And after all, the same happened.

But later it makes 116 million is big enough.