Shahrukh’s ‘Raees’ Is Heavily Inspired From Real Story Of Gujarat Gangster Abdul Latif!


Shahrukh’s ‘Raees’ Is Heavily Inspired From The Real Story Of Gujarat Gangster Abdul Latif!

Many of you do not know that the SRK Raees by the Gujarat crime Mr. Abdul Latif are greatly inspired.

Who is this Abdul Latif? Well, better known as the partner of Dawood Ibrahim, Latif went from a bootlegger in Popatiyawad of the Dariapur area to an underground world gift. The only official D-Company man in Gujarat, who had both police and political patronage.
Here are 8 facts about Gujrats plus Ruthless Maafiya who was shot by police in Ahmedabad in November 1997 while trying to escape.
1. Abdul belonged to a modest middle class background and his childhood was spent waiting for the tables in the casinos and later his adolescence was spent serving alcoholic beverages.
2. In 1985, he joined hands with Alamzeb, a member of the “Pathan Transition” from Mumbai to counter his rival, Pappu Khan. As he helped Dawood Ibrahim, he killed Alamzeblater and this helped him establish himself as the Kingpin underworld of Gujarat.
3. He was a small time writer and later became popular for the monopolization of illegal alcohol activity in Gujarat.
4. Latif had over 97 legal proceedings pending against him. 10 of them with murder and a number of them as part of bootlegging.
5. 1986 Latif was chosen from five urban counties in Ahmedabad, while he was at the time of the election in prison.
6. He was a professional in the liquidation of competitors in the underworld. To build a solid foot and stay on top, it has gone back to some of the most cruel way possible. For example, the famous Radhika Gymkhana several murders of 1992th August
7. He was one of the main suspects in the 1993 Bombay explosions case.
8. Raes is not the first film, the inspiration of Abdul Latif has real life pulled. 14 years after Don’s death at a meeting, Director Sharique Minhaj announced a film entitled Rencontre Latif in 2011e The film was released on August 1, 2014.