Shocking ! 13 Year Old Girl Entered Prostitution Just To Buy A Smartphone!


No one wants to left behind in the fast paced the world. Everyone needs money to buy expensive gadgets. But how far someone can go to buy a smartphone?

A 13 year old girl Gujarati turned to prostitution to buy high-end mobile phone. shocked the message the mother and the girl consultant that had absolutely no idea of this practice. Her mother, who owns a grocery store came know about the news last week. A counsellor 181 Abhayam services said. “The girl told her mother about her act as she thought that she had become pregnant Her mother was shocked when she learned that her daughter had become the prostitution”

The girl was born in Anand district and adopted by her parents when she was infant. Her father died three years ago after that her mother had to  run a grocery store in Subhanpura. This has created a rift between their relationship as they couldn’t spend much time together. Mother working all day long left the girl with a vacant house which she used for prostitution. She was using a another phone to book her clients.

During the investigation, many electronic gadgets and mobile phones were also found in her room. She also tried to convince the counsellor that what she was doing was not at all wrong.