Shocking! MBBS student throws a dog from terrace


Shocking video of Chennai MBBS student throwing a dog from terrace for fun. How can someone do inhuman act like this?

In a frightening video a man was seen only for his pleasure to take a dog from a terrace. In the video, shakes his dog and whimpers when the man is smiling at the camera and holding him by the neck and back. The video ends with sound of the dog crying in pain. The complainant Shravan who registered a complaint against the man who says the law is not strong enough to curb such practices. The inhuman act went viral on social media, with the demanding user arrest the man.

The man in the video has now been identified as Gautam S, a final year MBBS student from Madha Medical College, Tamil Nadu.
However, it is not clear when the video was shot. While the name of the person who shot the video is brought into circulation, it can only be determined after further investigation.

Watch video here