The Class 3 Dropout Poet, Haldhar Nag From Odisha was Awarded A Padma Shri


Meet Haldhar Nag, the 66-year-old poet Odisha. There is a drop-in class 3, but that was never a setback for these talented poet. In fact, he was awarded a Padma Shri by the President of India.

We often see people complain about the shortcomings in their lives, and therefore a failure or just an average person be stigmatized. But there are some who conquer it and to be a winner.

Kosli language poetry 66 years Haldhar Nag is also examines the promotion of five researchers. In addition, the University of Sambalpur compile his writings in a book entitled Haldar Granthabali-2, and use it as part of their program.