Trump :Rolling back the job-killing regulations

donald trump

United States President Donald Trump has said that his administration is rolling back the job-killing regulations and “unleashing American energy development” to create thousands of new jobs.

“We are rolling back the job-killing regulations that make it harder for companies to grow and hire in America. At the same time, we are unleashing American energy development to create thousands of new jobs on our soil and just off our shores,” Mr. Trump said in his weekly web and radio address to the nation.
Mr. Trump has said his administration is working every single day to create new opportunities and to reverse years of stagnant growth, falling wages, and disappearing jobs.

‘Ending sellout of our workers’

“We are ending the sellout of American workers — and lifting the burdens on American industry, manufacturing, and businesses,” the President said.
On trade, he has said the administration “has taken historic action to protect American industry and bring back the kinds of high-paying jobs that can support a middle class family — and in fact, most families.”
“As a vote of confidence in these policies, business optimism is soaring and employment is rising. These are great signs for America’s future — the future that our new graduates will play with such a critical role in shaping our world and our country,” Mr. Trump said.
Observing that he wants every young citizen — regardless of education or geography — to be able to live “his/her American Dreams,” he said his administration was there to help create the jobs and future they deserve.

‘Brightest days ahead’

“The brightest days are ahead of you. And I just look forward to seeing you at the Coast Guard Academy, and at Liberty University,” the President said, referring to the commencement address next week.
“Confidence in the American economy has reached levels not seen in many, many years. Unemployment fell to its lowest level in nearly ten years last month, and we created 211,000 new jobs,” he said.
“Our economic progress is especially good news for the millions of young Americans who, at this time of the year, are putting on a cap and gown and receiving a diploma, certificate, or commission. So important, and we are so proud of them,” Mr. Trump said.

Says his regime is “unleashing American energy development” to create thousands of new employment opportunities.