Viral Video: Shah Rukh Khan’s rare video as Doordarshan anchor


Rare Doordarshan Program from late 80’s video Shah Rukh Khan as TV Presenter with guest Kumar Sanu.

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We all know that Shah Rukh Khan started his career as a television artist. His first series was Fauji and rose to fame in the television industry with the most popular circus Fair before him to make big in Bollywood. But few know that he also anchored several TV programs in the early 90s.

Yes, it was a music show on Doordarshan that uses the talent to introduce aspiring singers. A rare video of this show was recently published by one of his fans on YouTube.
A young SRK is seen in the video introduction Kumar Sanu in this TV show. As SRK Sanu as a singing sensation in the 90s to be to win five consecutive Filmfare Awards.