Check out Ogilvy’s ‘#IWillDriveYouHome’ campaign for ICICI Lombard will break your heart. Drunk driving accidents claim average eight lives daily in India.

Drunken driving is not a new problem. If ICICI Lombard has decided to cope with the initiative of the week of traffic safety, this problem, we knew that to make any kind of difference, we should do something very important and still do something that would notice other work on the subject.

The drunk driving accidents claim almost 8 lives daily in India. Although people do not know the exact number, they are more than aware of how drunk driving can be dangerous. However, the over-human syndrome is solid at home. People still believe that this does not happen to them or that they know. It was the thought process that we should meet and change. And we realized that perhaps the best way to do was get people who were about to drink and drive face to face with someone who had actually had the pain of experiencing someone losing a driving accident while intoxicated in A place where they could not, I do not know.

We have #IWillDriveYouHome and fortunately we found Mr. Hemraj Sharma; One of the most inspiring people that we’ve encountered. He lost his son in a drunk driving accident April 4, 2016 and has now helped others avoid the same fate as the goal of his life. He was completely on board as soon as he heard the idea, his passion and courage helped move us to the next level. M. Hemraj could carry the message to the passengers he drove home and we now hope that people take the idea of ​​#IWillDriveYouHome us on their friends and family.

Credits: Ogilvy Mumbai, ICICI Lombard