WATCH: This snake prank’s so scary that it’s got 65 million views already!

snake prank
How would you react if someone threw a snake at you?

The creepy snake will scare you to death!

Merely mentioning the word snake might creep out many, but can you imagine what would happen if you found yourself next to one or even holding one? Or, what if a big fat snake suddenly ‘flew’ across and landed on top of you? How would you react? Of course, it would kick the living daylights out most of us, while others would be simply pass out. This is exactly what happens every time British magician Neil Henry pranks people with a giant snake. Though it’s fake, it looks quite real and the slimy creature ‘scares people to death’.

A prank video of him, throwing the snake at people on beaches and streets, or at someone while he is having a beer, has gone viral with over 65 million views, in just two days.

While a few have criticised the act and said “it’s not funny and people could have heart attack”, others found it hilarious.