You will be surprised facts About Bigg Boss 10 Contestant Priyanka Jagga


Check out these facts about ‘Bigg Boss 10’ Contestant Priyanka Jagga will suprise you

The last show controversial season Realty “Bigg Boss” is full of Twist & Turns that for the first time will show the people as participating candidates and other candidates of celebrity. Open Salman Khan Sunday, October 16, the doors of the show by introducing all the candidates to the public with a total of 15 candidates, 8 and 7 candidates of citizens celebrities.

One of the people who drew the attention of everyone in just four days, Priyanka is Jagga. It has already been crowned the first day with the title of troublemaker in the house. The woman first began with former roadie struggles Bani J and Rants make no difference in Bani, it has become another celebrity Concurrent Rohan Mehra.

Priyanka Jagga was born December 17, 1984 in Delhi. She is 32 years old. His hobbies are dancing, trekking and badminton. She said: “I am a modern parent, I am not in stereotypes and does not hesitate to break the rules think you went to say ..” Many people me and my lifestyle see West but I do not care how other brands of me. it is very active on social networks. it has the number of photos on Instagram to his disciples. She amazed the audience with their amazing confidence and good looks.

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